A Love/Hate Relationship with Books

At one point, I had literally thousands of books, and I use the adverb accurately.

Before I got my Kindle – a momentous decision, given I thought I wouldn’t get along with it and would just buy even more books to fill my one-bedroomed flat – I used to amass books that I would never read.  New or second hand, it didn’t matter, I’d just buy them and I was close to running out of space.

Very much like DVDs, I had piles of the things.  Two foot stacks of books that I probably would never read would spout up wherever there was space.  There was, of course, more chance of me watching a DVD than reading a book, but that didn’t stop me buying the darned things.

Anyway, the Kindle and a lack of space changed that, pretty much… almost…

I decided it was time to reduce the collection and set myself a lofty target of 90% fewer books, donating them to charity as I went along.  It was one heck of a collection, too – from Stephen King to Tolstoy, books of film studies to economics, science fiction to classic literature, I pretty much covered a whole library of subjects.

Of course, there were exclusions to my charity list – I wasn’t going to get rid of my Doctor Who books, some other bits would hang around, too.  I was, however, going to get rid of anything else that I’d read or hadn’t and wouldn’t read.

booksWhich brings me to today – I probably have five hundred books left.  Mostly Doctor Who, books on film, reference works (typically pop culture and film related, it seems) and a growing collection of Star Wars novels.

Growing… collection?  Wasn’t the plan to reduce the number of books?

Yes, yes it was, however there came a problem.  Very much like my discovery that charity shops near me have decent DVDs that I might not otherwise buy (not just Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II and other straight to video bilge), and vinyl, I’ve started buying books again – books I’ve wanted or books I fancy.  It’s a vicious circle, I tell you.

That said, I’m much more controlled (12 Star Wars novels yesterday, simply because they were there).  I tend to buy books on Kindle because they take up far less space, these days.