This Is The End

The End of Days approaches and the celebrities of Hollywood are ill prepared for the chaos that ensures.  Thankfully, Hollywood’s modern day Brat Pack are spared, but must fight their way through the final days of the world.

Playing exaggerated versions of themselves, Seth Rogen (and his sensible friend, Jay Baruchel), James Franco, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson must fend themselves, totally unprepared for real life, let alone the events that transpire.

“I don’t want to die at James Franco’s house.”

The overly artsy Franco, a far too nice Jonah Hill, the reliable friend-t-all Rogen and the sensitive Robinson form a wonderful cast of characters.  Save for Baruchel, the principle cast are deliberately dislikeable, playing on their lack of real world experience and over-sensitive reactions to everything that goes on around them as they try to survive the apocalypse, boredom and fracturing friendships, especially when the arrogant Danny McBride joins the fray.

“You guys act like you’re so high and mighty.”

The film could have been a self-indulgent mess, designed to rub the ego of it’s young, popular cast, but it manages to be highly entertaining.  It’s self-deprecation at its finest, showing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s skill as writers, whilst also showcasing the cast.

There’s a touch of Shaun of the Dead in This is the End, a knowing, self-deprecating script, comfortable with its cast and not afraid to take a few pot shots.  It revels in its silliness and excels in the story it tells.