Meanwhile: Spider-Man: Homecoming gets two trailers!

Since he first appeared in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming has been a much anticipated film.

Now, we get two trailers for it, just to whet our appetite further and it’s safe to say it looks like we’re in for a great showing from Tom Holland as he gets to grips with his powers, courtesy of Tony Stark.

There’s humour, awkwardness and adventure, but the star of both is the instantly likeable, hugely charismatic Tom Holland as Peter Parker.  He’s not as laid back as Toby Maguire, nor is he as full of angst as Andrew Garfield, the latter of whom made a great Spider-Man despite being far too mature (in attitude, if not in looks) for the character.

Fingers crossed that July delivers us the Spider-Man film to define the character.