Having a Long Play with Vinyl

Okay, recently I acquired a dirt cheap record player and fit a new stylus – all told, it cost about a tenner in total and about five minutes of my time.

Since then, I’ve spent less than a tenner on LPs from local charity shops and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag.

Obviously, vinyl is a fragile format and is prone to damage and, unlike buying new LPs, when you’re buying second hand you get what you pay for.  Truth be told, even if I pick one up and it’s a dud, I’ve still helped a charity, so it’s all good.

_20161204_123934So, in a world that is rediscovering vinyl, what am I buying?  Stuff I like – old stuff, soundtracks from the big screen (and musical theatre).

2001: A Space Odyssey, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Phantom of the Opera have made an appearance.

They’re full of clicks and imperfections, which is, I’m told, the beauty of vinyl, except I’m pretty sure that most of those clicks and imperfections weren’t in the original records.  C’est la vie!

Wandering through Tesco (and HMV), there’s a wave of LPs available from modern artists, artists who, I’m pretty sure, don’t record in analogue.  It does make me wonder what the benefit of vinyl is for artists who record in the sterile, digitally manipulated, studios of today.  I’ve no doubt some artists sound superb – Ed Sheeran or Adele, for example – but others, not so much.

Still, new stuff won’t be my raison d’etre.  I’ll stick with the acquisition of LPs for less than a quid.