Atlantis Down (in the bargain bucket)

Atlantis Down is a science fiction film that I bought, for 50p, just because I liked the title.

Set in 2025, Atlantis Down sees the crew of the Atlantis stranded in space after an experiment goes wrong.

Stranded on a planet, each member of the crew suffers from ghosts of their past as they must fight to survive before the madness consumes them all.

Atlantis Down comes with the tag line “Lost in Another Dimension”, alluding to the strangeness of the TV series Lost (even a cover review calls it “a mixture of Lost and The Matrix.

It’s closure to what would happen if a group of film students had decided to mix together Futurama and elements of Lost, The Matrix, Blair Witch Project and other well known genre pieces that they acquainted themselves with by reading the DVD covers.

A simple extrapolation on Einstein’s theory

The acting varies from overacting to barely acting, whilst the camerawork is shoddy at best.  The actors do the best they can with a threadbare script, spouting lines with the commitment of performers who aren’t quite sure whether this is real or not.  It’d be find if it were tongue-in-cheek (the films of Troma, for example), but this just seems… forced.

As the story unfolds, in its confused state, there’s an interesting idea underneath, but it never really emerges.  It’s as if the screenwriters threw everything at the page with abandon, with plenty of threads of ideas that haven’t been knitted together.

Oh, don’t let that cover confuse you – it’s mostly set in some woods.  This isn’t Gravity, Moon or Apollo 13 (or even the much more entertaining than this, Apollo 18).