The Actifry Obsession

Recently, I bought myself a Tefal Actifry.

I don’t need an Actifry.  I don’t have a deep fat fryer.  I was happy oven cooking or pan frying things.

However, I’m now pretty much obsessed with the Actifry.

My original plan was to do what the adverts say it’s great at – healthy fried chips.  A little spoon of oil, a ton of potatoes cut up into… well, chips, and a bit of time.  Voila!  Say goodbye to oven chips.

Except, that’s not quite what’s happened as I have a big bag of oven chips (that can also be fried) to get through.

Already, I find myself preferring Actifried chips to oven cooked chips, even though it’s the same product – the hot air frying in a touch of oil seems to give a closer experience to deep fried chips, probably because it’s a cross between baking the heck out of them with hot air and frying them.

I’ve done fried chicken in them – something I’d never made at home and it’s been an absolute delight.  Stick the chicken thighs/drumsticks/whatever into the Actifry, skin on, covering a herbs or whatever and set it going for half an hour.  Crispy skin, tastes great and, most importantly, the meat isn’t dry.  I might try a coating of breadcrumbs at some point.

Does it save time over oven cooking stuff?  No.  Given what I’m cooking, it’s probably no healthier than oven cooking without oil.  It’s not like I can do a fillet steak in the Actifry, that still needs a pan.  I’m hoping to start cooking things that I certainly can’t do in the oven, though the recipe book seems to be stuff that, at a push, I could do on a hob or in the oven – the healthy frying aspect seems to come from the “it’s not a deep fat fryer” allusion.

That, of course, isn’t stopping me from using it (despite it being noisy).

Damn you, Actifry.

(I bet I could pop popcorn kernels in it!)