Star Trek Beyond (Explanation)

The seemingly never ending Star Trek franchise continues with the third installment of the rebooted original series turned movie franchise and it defies explanation.

Captain Kirk and company are well into their third year mission when a distress calls leads them into dangerous territory, featuring lost heroes, over the top action sequences, skimpy character development and plenty of hoping that we will remember that this is pretty much what Star Trek has always been.

Sure, the alien technology doesn’t make much sense, it’s not worth looking at the black hole size plot holes last you fail to escape from their gravitational pull, more is it worth exploring just why the big bad guy didn’t attack sooner. It’s still a fast moving adventure masquerading as something more, even if it misses its target.
Pine, Quinto, Urban and company are now more comfortable with their roles than every before, though “classic” Trek fans will bemoan the two-dimensional representations of their two-dimensional favorites. Chekhov is given more to do, as is Scotty, but it’s still the interplay between Kirk, McCoy and Spock that makes Star Trek what it is.

Star Trek Beyond is okay at best. Instantly forgettable and “just another entry” in a bloated franchise that should have been relegated to history years ago.