Avoiding the News with Random TV

Sometime ago, I decided to stop spending two hours before work watching the news and watch… other things instead.

Between cartoon series that I’ve amassed on DVD, I’ve moved onto TV series that I’ve also acquired on DVD.  This is stuff I’ve picked up relatively cheaply and would have eventually got round to watching at some point… probably.

On the list, thus far, has been Teen Wolf and Chicago Fire, both entertaining series that don’t require my undying fealty to enjoy what’s going on.  The pre-work ritual wouldn’t work with a series like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, but there’s plenty of series out there that are still entertaining, fun to watch and don’t require a cult-like level of attention and following.

Then I made a slight error of judgement with Turn: Washington’s Spies season one, an AMC TV series set during the American Revolution starring Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull, a man who starts a spy ring to support Washington’s insurgency against the British.

The first episode makes great television, with a solid cast of British, including Burn Gorman and Kevin McNally, however it’s the type of TV that doesn’t quite fit in my throwaway entertainment plans.  It’s an engaging story of a period of history (though, I have no doubt that there’s liberties taken with the story) that saw a change of tides in the American Revolution.

With the British portrayed as pompish, overbearing and feeling they have a right to dominate, it’s up to a group of rebels, former friends who become spies, to rout British rule, though the path isn’t going to be an easy one as deception, violence and pride all seem to be in far from short supply.

This is the type of TV that calls for being devoured all at once – not the type of thing that my pre-work regime was going to be.  I’ve already ordered season 2, but may have to spend a couple of evenings watching this instead of trying to do it when I’m only half awake!