A group of teenagers take a bus to a creepy farmhouse to serve out their detention, only to be stalked by an urban legend.

The demonic scarecrow has become something of a legend amongst the people of whatever-town, USA, and they celebrate the murderous entity every year.  Financial woes, however, have meant that the homestead of the atrocity has become somewhat rundown, thus the plan is to use a group of teenagers to relocate the scarecrow in time for the festival.

It turns out, however, that the scarecrow of legend is more of a (CGI) reality as it starts picking off the teenagers one by one.

Make sure that thing doesn’t come back.

It’s good to see that, in these days of super budget TV productions that dazzle audiences around the globe and knowingly hammy SyFy channel originals, there’s still room for the old-school acting-our-socks-off straight-to-video nonsense that is Scarecrow.

Even the presence of Lacey Chabert and Robin Dunne, both competent actors, isn’t enough to turn the scare gauge up on this woefully disappointing affair.  The stereotypical group of teenagers only have their stereotype to fall back on when it comes to character development as the writer forgot to add any depth, whilst the director manages to amply signpost the scares, robbing any attempt that could have been made at suspense.

Even by straight-to-TV/video standards this is a disappointment.