Handheld Food is the Future

I’m not a fan of handheld food. Given a choice between using cutlery or my fingers, I’ll take a knife and fork to fried chicken legs, pizza, oversized burgers and anything else that others may eat with fingers.

It’s not because I’m particularly posh, it’s more that I don’t like greasy fingers- I pour crisps into my mouth! 

That said, The Handheld Food Co was recently nearby and I had the sudden urge to buy something fast to eat, but not low quality. The pulled pork sandwich was spot on.

Ideal for lunch, the sandwich had a decent serving of slow cooker, pulled pork in a sweet BBQ sauce, in a soft brioche bun and served with red cabbage “slaw”.

The only downside was, after eating it, I wanted another one… not because it left me hungry, but it left me wanting to experience the taste again!