The Nando’s and Nandon’ts of Eating Out

I enjoy food, except I don’t get to eat out as often as I’d like. When Follow Northstar suggested a bloggers gathering, I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I’ve probably been to Nando’s three times since the chain came to Hull. One of those occasions was in the far too busy Brixton branch where it felt like was an inconvenience to be a patron.

Visiting Nando’s in Princes Quay, however, was the polar opposite of this experience – attentive, interested staff who were happy to make recommendations, took into account dietary requirements and ensured everything was up to par. It’s hardly surprising that the company recognising the achievements of this branch!

The Sunset Burger came recommended. A new addition to the menu, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Two chicken thighs, topped with cheddar cheese and smokey red pepper chutney, served with a side order of chips, it tasted great and wasn’t overpowering or under-filling.

Nando’s have perfected the art of chicken preparation, keeping the meat moist and flavoursome instead of dismal and dry. The spice adds to the flavour, instead of disguising it.

This is a dish that is highly recommended.

Dessert was a salted caramel brownie, served with vanilla gelado – a Portuguese ice cream that seemed to be heavy on the cream and not too sweet.

The brownie was rich in chocolate and had the touch of salted caramel which prevented it being overpowered by the savoury taste. The ice cream complimented it well, benefiting, oddly, from the vanilla.

Nando’s in Princes Quay was busy, but not overly so. On a Monday evening, it should be a destination for anyone looking for good food and a great atmosphere.

Follow Northstar‘s first bloggers’ gathering brought together a diverse group of people, including the business coach Luke Thornton who is disarmingly charming and able to help conversations going on a range of random topics – definitely a great addition for anyone looking for someone with personality, business acumen and an inate ability to network.

Hopefully, Follow Northstar will capitalise upon this evening’s success and host more of these events!


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