Beginning the PlayStation VR Journey

I’m a huge fan of new technology – I’d like to buy more of it, but funds are limited.  That said, the PSVR took my interest.

As an avid, lonesome film watcher, I’d considered buying a projector though setting one up permanently, the cost of replacement lamps and buying the right thing from the cornucopia of options was always something that put me off.

The PSVR, however, was something that could, potentially, give me something much better than a projector – an isolated, large screen viewing experience.

It arrived on day of release, but time and other life based things got in the way of me setting it up.  That wouldn’t come until Monday 17 October when I plugged it all in, marvelled at the amount of cabling I now have an set it up.

The first thing I did was insert the BluRay edition of Pacific _20161018_124645Rim – the perfect film to test the “big screen” experience and it worked!

There’s something truly majestic about watching Gipsy Danger throwing it down with Leatherback on a massive, albeit virtual, screen and it’s still something to marvel at – the size of the screen, combined with the action being up close, and the isolation you feel with the rubber surround is awesome.

The biggest drawback, thus far, has been having to sit facing the PS Camera in order to view the video screen – ideally, I want to be able to just lay down!  I’m sure I’ll figure that bit out.



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